My research interests lie in:

  • Human behavior and its implications for design and development (especially: privacy-related behavior);
  • Information Visualization and Information Modeling;
  • Human-Computer Interaction and Human-Centered Design;
  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Tangible Interaction;
  • Social and Psychological Aspects of Computing;
  • Computer Science Education.


I am passionate about software development that:

  • Focuses on user-centered applications that are usable, useful, and adoptable;
  • Is device agnostic and web-enabled;
  • Creates powerful applications and frameworks;
  • Brings together multidisciplinary teams to fully explore the design space;
  • Increases productivity and results in return on investment.

Current Projects

The PREprocessThe Privacy Requirements Engineering Process (PREprocess)

PREprocess is a methodological framework for the construction of application-specific privacy requirements models. It addresses the problem of translating the privacy-preserving behavior elicited through user studies into actionable requirements for the development of privacy-aware applications. The framework prescribes a series of steps for systematically creating and refining application-specific privacy requirements models from privacy-related information. The Privacy Analyst’s Work eNvironment (PAWN) is designed to aid this process by providing means to manage , visualize, and query privacy-related information.
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Also, feel free to browse through my git repositories on GitHub!

Past Projects

OSNAP Visualization on a High-Resolution 3D WallOSNAP: The Open Semantic Network Analysis Platform (2011–2014)

The goal of the Open Semantic Network Analysis Platform (OSNAP) is to provide domain experts with the means to gain insight into the semantics of their data. OSNAP is built to address the “Hairball Effect”, a commonly encountered phenomenon in graph visualization. It describes the effect of visualizations of graphs on human investigators where even the connectivity among a few hundred nodes can become overwhelming. This problem has become more pronounced due to the pervasiveness of graph-based data in across a wide variety of domains from knowledge representation to network flow, bioinformatics, and software optimization.
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LumenHAUS on Times SquareLumenHAUS (2010)

As part of the LumenHAUS team, I was responsible for the design and implementation of an iPad application that could control certain aspects of the house and provide access to the sensor data available from the house. This involved close collaboration with a graphics designer in the design and layout of the different control screens while maintaining the LumenHAUS brand for the app.
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Motor Removal from a Feed DriveAutomatic Generation of AR Scenes from CAD and Ontology Data for Dynamic Taskflows (2007–2008)

This work addresses the difficulty and high cost of manually authoring Augmented Reality (AR) content for workflows guiding trainees or maintenance technicians through the maintenance of a machine tool. While at the time of the writing the workflows themselves could be automatically generated from ontology data, the AR scenes depicting the workflow still had to be created manually by diligently placing virtual object within a global coordinate system (provided by tracking systems) by a technical writer.
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Domain OntologyARSIS (2006–2007)

The goal of the ARSIS project was the development of an OWL-based ontology management framework implemented entirely in C#. After joining the project, I was initially responsible for the re-design of the client-server architecture using WCF. Eventually, I became the programming lead of the project and was entrusted with the modification of the domain model.
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ARTESAS aimed at the exploration and evaluation of Augmented Reality base technologies for applications in industrial service environments. The project’s focus areas were markerless tracking procedures for rough industrial environments, user-friendly AR devices, and the implementation and evaluation in industrial application fields.
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